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Has it been that long?

I can't believe I have been away so long. I guess I need to get off my butt (well, technically I need to stay seated) and do some journaling. Oddly, I don't have much to say at the moment, except I am stunned that my friend feed is so sparse and quiet. I know I haven't poked around here for over a year, but things were fairly busy when I checked last.
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Over the year plus that I have been away, I have lost a lovely female cat to Feline Leukemia. This is my lovely Claudia. She is still with me in spirit.

I've encountered numerous problems with my health and 100 year old crumbling house. I have undergone a hysterectomy.

I have lost the closest I have ever had to a son to suicide. He died one month before his 22nd birthday. He is changing his daughter's diapers here.

Finally, I have quite the part-time job I've held for 3 years. It was a long run, despite my being disabled. It has been a long and tiring time. Hopefully, I have passed through the bad and I can enjoy some me time. I'm hoping I can find some cool stuff to occupy me on here

I still have Justin. He's my grumpy old man.

I also have a new little boy we called Loki. The name fits perfectly. Don't let the cute fool you. He is mischief incarnate!


That was a lot to look through.

I just looked through my journal and changed a lot of tags. I deleted a lot of links, but I probably didn't remove many that are bad. I have a lot of them in this journal. I am sure I started the journal long before 2006, but the old stuff must have been deleted. Hmm, not sure I'm too happy about that. Oh, well. 

So long ago...

I can't believe how long it has been since I've updated. I've been busy with life, homework, and a part-time job. I miss all my B-T friends and looking at all my Japanese hotties. I guess one thing I need to do is go back and edit a lot of my tags and journals, since most of the links are long dead. Thanks to the demise of Mega Upload, I don't have much of a journal left. After that, maybe I'll start up the posting again. It's time for something new.  



Just dropping in to remind everyone that I'm posting my witchcraft blog on blogger. I'm doing a lot of crazy artwork and trying to become a serious writer, instead of my usual goofing off.

Just to let you know what I've been working on so far...

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I decorated the frame and the photo is one I took and edited.

This is a Cherry Quartz relationship talisman I have on eBay at the moment. I should have taken a better picture. :(

This is tube necklace I made for my husband.

So I've been keeping amused. Still loving Buck-Tick and missing you all. I have far too much to do to really be able to get back into keeping up on here. :( Maybe someday.


Merry Chistmas!

I have a quick Buffy tidbit to share. The reboot is on hold. This article just goes to show, you should never mess with the great and powerful Joss! :P

To let everyone know where I've been lately, I've been blogging on Blogger. I started the blog up in November, and I haven't had much time to do much else. If you want to see what I've been up to there, mishiwhite.blogspot.com.


Will I ever again make a proper post?

Most likely not, at least not for the time being. Starting your own business is hard. What's harder? Being everyone's chauffeur, maid, cook, accountant, and trying to write a novel on top of it.  Anyway, no more whining, I'll get to the good stuff. ^^

Anne Rice talks about the house where Daniel interviewed Louise in Interview with the Vampire. You will find other videos of Anne's visit to San Diego and Comic Con.

An upcoming episode of Supernatural will reunite both Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters. I don't know why Joss doesn't turn to traditional animation for a buffy reboot. It would work so well for a true season 8. *shrug*

Moviefone released a list of "The Sexiest Vampires in Movies," and I think the forgot some hotties on the list.  Sorry, Edward wasn't the only vamp in Twilight-my personal fave, but not a solo vamp. Actually, as I went on a search for links to prove my point, I stumbled upon Vampire Rave. OMG, I thought I was a wealth of vampire knowledge...wow, i do mean WOW! I found listings for movies that I was pretty sure I was the only person who'd ever heard of them. lol

Ok, that's it for me. I'm off to get more work done. Sigh...

Quick and choppy, yet again.

Here's a great parody starring  Taylor Lautner. I love the way he keeps getting tackled. And  Kellan Lutz is going skydiving-I wish I were as brave.

I'm not sure how many know about her, but author  Tanya Huff, of the Blood Books(Blood Ties was based on them) posted something very amusing about Star Trek on her LJ. At least, I thought it was funny. Here's the interview with J.J. Abrams that she is referring to.

Some nice Buffy moments that the 2011 San Diego Comic Con:   Nick B and Toni Head,    Joss Whedon,  and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I found some way fun things with Toni Head that take us back to his Rocky Horror days. lol  Onetwothree...

And all of that lead me to an interview with Toni Head and James Marsters. I need more YouTube in my life. lol Oh, how I do miss the good times of Buffydom.

Ok, how was that for a hit and run? Sorry, but I'm not doing a lot of vampire fandom stalking. I need to, but I haven't had time. I promise I'll try harder. I need more fun in my life anyway. :[

Dead tired, but I'll report anyways.

I'm starting my own online business, so I'm nearly dead from over work right now. I'm telling you this, not for the self pug, but to warn you this will be even sloppier than usual. ^^

Anne Rice is going to start writing about werewolves now.  She announced this at the San Diego Comic Con. Figures, you starts writing about monsters and it's the furry kind. Anne I love you, but go back to the VAMPIRES!!!! Still, anything she writes is gold to me, so I'll deal with the fur. At least there will still be fangs of some sort involved.

Then, honeymoon footage from Comic Con too. Do I have to say which honeymoon I'm taking about? PLEASE...it would have been nice to see some of the love scene and not Bella shaving her legs. *sigh*

And a sexy, tortured Rob Pattinson in the Bel Ami trailer. I want to see this one really bad.

I'll be passing out now.


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